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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring in Jenner, CA

Spring has spread its glory through Jenner. The hills are alive with wildflowers whose petals glisten from the radiant sunlight, multiple hues of deep rich yellows and violets soften the emerald green landscape from our rain soaked winter.

The tulip bulbs we planted in barrels in front of the house never cease to amaze me. Their vibrant colors pop out to greet you, luring you in for a peek at their swan like feather petals. There must be something in the air in Jenner, for they continue to flower from their planting four years ago, a surprise to us and a continued source of joy.

Our magnolia tree is ripe with pink and white flowers set against a cobalt blue sky. The color is alive with the bounty of nature and is a gift to our eyes. Our guests enjoy sitting on the front steps of our covered porch, where they take in the warm afternoon sun and greet the occasional visitor on their trek to the Jenner Falls up the street. You can hear its constant purr in the background, a cascading bounty of water that feeds the Russian River and Jenner Valley, its vein running a couple of hundred feet from our property.

The lavender is in bloom, and we invite our guests to pick a few petals to add to our Japanese soaking tub to help sooth their bodies after their daily activities. As you walk along the property, you can smell the fresh rosemary in the air, a wonderful spice to add to dishes cooked in our classic French style country kitchen. We have had Napa chefs stay at Artist's View and comment on how much they enjoyed cooking here. We recently added a Weber gas grill for cooking outdoors. With the fine weather in store, there is nothing better the grilling and dining on our outdoor deck. The views are spectacular, and a treat for that outdoor candlelight dinner with friends and family.

We recently purchased a leather sofa that envelops you in its thick plush cushions. Let your body relax in comfort in front of our fireplace, as your lover serenades you on our grand piano. This beautiful instrument has shared its joy in many a house concert here.

As the sun sets, the golden light casts its shadows against our grand valley, a private dance for you, where your thoughts and reflections are interrupted only by the sound of an owl and lonely screech of the red tailed hawk. The pristine, quiet valley and juxtaposed energy from the collision of the Russian River and Pacific Ocean has a meditative quality, a calming and soothing effect that washes away any source of tension in our stressful lives.

With the sun setting and the close of the day, toast a glass to the river from our deck. Penny Island awaits you, a secluded strip of land in the middle of the river is a short canoe ride from our property, and for the more adventurous, the mouth of the river can be tackled for those with nerves of steel, the perfect start to your dream filled stay.